Wednesday, September 17, 2008

demam lagi ;(

baru 2 minggu puasa dan sy sudah 2 kali demam.
it was like..idk..
this year is the year of demam kot..
seriously,i never fell ill years before..
just sakit sikit2 sje.
but this year..
i was ill on April,September and September..

i went to school by public bus as i wanted to repair my watch and bought stationaries..
i felt DIZZY and the hot wheather made me felt even worse!
then,i reached school and blaja blaja..
but during agama i slept..
ustaz asked me why so ika said that i had a fever..
during solat Zuhur..
i did not have the guts to be the Imam so i let Shafiqah to conduct the solat..
and i almost fell down during solat..
*this is what i hate the most,i cannot do anything when i have a fever*
during p.seni and geografi..
i slept!
*looked how much time that has been wasted*
for b.melayu,i just copied the notes while cikgu Arba'iyah did lisan with my classmates..

when i arrived home,i was too weak..
waited for berbuka puasa and ate the panadol..
after i had my bathe and solat..
i slept again!
i did not study at all..
totally dead!

at 3..
i woke up to solat Isyak and solat Taubat..
did some exercise before helping Mama to cook for Sahur..
i think that i may not be sleepy anymore..
i had had enough rest..