Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Bright Sight.

Hey readers, :)
I am quite busy right now. :'(
The teachers give me tons of homework.*sigh*
Nevermind,it is for my own good.


As everyone knows,I was quite gloomy these few days.Alhamdulillah,everything seems to be undercontrol though the sadness still surrounds my day.I'll try to be happy! ^__^ InsyaAllah,I will recover as the time goes.
Thanks to my family,friends,teachers and Izzat for ur understanding. :)
I feel more relax now.

I would like to apologise everyone for making them worried.*sigh*
Tears are my bestfriend.
I'll cry when I'm happy,I'll cry when I'm sad.
hoho ;P


I've learn new thing this week.

Perempuan-Emosional dtg dulu sebelum Rasional.
Lelaki-Rasional dtg dulu sebelum Emosional.

renung2 kn dan selamat beramal.