Friday, December 18, 2009

Chocolate Cake!

Today was my lucky day.


I baked a chocolate cake today.So nyumyy! ;D
It was actually for my bestfriend who will celebrate his birthday tomorrow.

"Happy Birthday 15th Izzat!"
May Allah bless u with happiness.

To other bestfriends,I will bake one for all of u.
Err..When the school starts.
Sabar kejp ye.


Today was my lucky day!
I was really grateful.
I went to Jusco and met with 3 beloved people of mine!
They were Nadiah,Izzat and Hidayah(my tuition mate)

I hugged Nad and Hidayah..
So sweet!
Nadiah came to Jusco to buy present to her mother as yesterday was her birthday(I think so).

"Happy Birthday Puan Zakiah"
May Allah bless u with happiness

thnks for ur support Cikgu, ;)

I met Hidayah when she was buying Cool Blog.
She is more like my little sister than a friend to me.
Hope to see her again during tuition class.

the birthday boy,Izzat Luqman. :)
He was shopping with his mother and siblings,Qila,Irsyad and Adli(cousin).
We did not talk much.
We smiled to each other and I gave him the chocolate cake.

thnks all.

A meaningful one! ;)

Listen and Understand the lryics.
Luahan Hati.