Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sweet 17.

It was the first time in my life,I celebrated my birthday without my family.Err..only Izzat was with me during my birthday celebration.But it was okey,I have new family with me; My dormates,classmates,and all the SAMURians. :)

I remembered the day they rumbled me.Oh Allah,it was GREAT!
First rumble,
my juniors acted like they were fighting after they presented Senada Seirama.As the one who guided them,I was really depressed to see them acted like that.Then I shouted "STOPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!".All of them looked at me and sang me a Birthday song.Man,this was not funny.I cried when I knew they were just acting to rumble me.
Nice rumble is it? :P

Second rumble,
my dormates splashed me with a pail of water mixed with Nescaffe,Nesvita,Milo and all sort of 3 in 1 that they found.Uwaaaaa,I was all wet and smelled weird. :P I took shower at 12 a.m. before they surprised me with a birthday cake.Well,the cake was bought by my brother for my birthday.How sweet~ :') So,we ate the cake together and went to sleep.

So,it was really fun to celebrate my sweet 17 with them.
Many,many thanks for these people.
To all my FB friends,thanks for the wish.

today my life begins.

I will break the chains that bind me,
Happiness will find me,
Leave the past behind me,
Today my life begins.