Tuesday, November 18, 2008

cuti ku buhsan yg amat!

geee~i'm bored.what do i do for this holiday?

  • watching tv of course!haha.it reminds me about my primary school life.i was so fanatic to cartoons such as Digimon,Beyblade and Cardcaptor Sakura. xD i miss that time.but now no more.heee~i am big already but still,i watch the same cartoons that i had watched when i was little. :)

  • novels and novels! :D i have finished 2 novels;Adam dan Hawa and Relaku Menanti.i am reading Salju Sakinah;an Islamic novel.same as Ayat-ayat Cinta.i think we should make a movie from this novel.hee~agree?

  • sms-ing?not really.he was too busy watching tv.okay okay,i understand. ;( he is not mine anyway.so,he can decide what he wants to do.i do not want to have an argue with him.huuu~i am not able to on9 as long as i want.izzat have conquered the computer.grrrrrr.. :((

  • cookinggg! :D i can try new meals each day.but depends on my mood.ngeheheh.if i want to cook,then i shall do it!haha.

so,what else eh?nothingggg to do actually.i miss school x)