Monday, December 7, 2009

MRSM examination.

To dear friends,thanks! :)

We had our MRSM examination today.
Errr..the examination was?a bit difficult. :P Phew~berpeluh jwb.Hehhe :)
But I had fun because Thivya and Hafiz were there! :D But I wish Nad,Izzat and others were there too. ;(
Tp kitaorg kepohh seh!Mcm ayt kitaorg laa "jgn hipokrit" :P

The examination was held in MRSM Pontian.Phew~It took about an hour to reach there.Skt bdn :( But i was lucky because Thivya was with me.So,we had a long,long and long chat :P

As we reached there,we saw lots of students from other schools.After that,all of us went to the computer lab to sit for the exam.The questions were like...i don't know.DIFFICULT! :( ade jgk yg hentam.hee~Maybe I lack of exercises.Alaa,sape nk bce buku lps PMR? =__= haiyo!~
Then,we had 15 minutes break before we continued with Science Questions and Personality Questions.phew~good.Tamat jgk akhirnya. :D haha.

Then,we went back and had our lunch at a Nasi Ayam restaurant.The best moment was,me,Thiv and Hafiz chatted about everything on our way home. :)

Well,I had a fine day today.
I was a bit gloomy tonight. ;(
Sabar aje la.