Thursday, December 3, 2009


As I hang up,my mom says,"Those girls really rely on you,don't they?"
"I think I rely on them more,"I say.
"Well,that's how it should be with good friends."She smiles.
"I'm glad you have them.I hope you always do."

In the cards:Life

I'm grateful for having such nice people around me.
People who support,who always be with me,who can share stories and who can correct me when i'm wrong.
They are a part of me.

My Best Friends:
1.Nadiah bt Ebi Shahrin
2.Thivya a/p Maran
3.Nurafiqah Syahidah bt Moideen
4.Nurul Sirin bt Zailani
5.Nazatul Zahiah bt Mustaffa
6.Muhd Hafiz bin Mokhtar
7.Muhammad Izzat Luqman bin Shahdan :)
8.Shazliyana bt Suzali
9.Sofea Soeraya bt (aku lupa da) sory2.
10.Farah Nabila bt Azizi

and of course,
My beloved mama and little sister,Zafirah.

Hopefully,I can add more bestfriends,maybe in future?Who knows.

Thank you all.

hope this friendship lasts forever,InsyaAllah.
forgive me if i hurt ur feelings.