Thursday, November 5, 2009

Great day!



We had a visit to Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas yesterday. ;) It was a meaningful one!I mean it. :D At first,I thought we would see ships coming only but I was wrong.We were given a chance for a ride from PTP to Nusajaya. :D Wheeee!~It was a short journey but I felt happy.It may be the first and the last time for me. :D

Sadly,Iqa and Cin were not there.Huu.Its okay,we will go together later,ok? ;) I wonder when..tunggu kaya la! :P

I had a sweet time on the ship.We chatted with Cikgu Zaki :D,took some photos,and ______ .I will not tell anyone about that.ehhe.Let me keep it safe in my heart. Lalala~ :P

For me,this experience had healed myself.I was not in a good mood recently-sad,and was surrounded with bad feelings. :( So,I let go everything yesterday!On the ship,under the Sun and surrounded by my loved ones. :D Everything seemed to be okay,and I do hope for it. ;)

If you want to see the photos,
Click here.

p/s-tk larat nk upload lg! :)

Once again,I really enjoyed my day in Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas.
Tahnk you Allah,
Thank you friends,
Thank you teachers,
and the friendly crews.