Friday, July 16, 2010

The Queen of My Heart


You were my strength when I was weak,
You were my voice when I couldn’t speak,
You were my eyes when I couldn’t see..

The lyrics from the song Because You Loved Me by Celine Deon represent my feeling towards my beloved mother. Mama; that is what I call her. She is the one who has sacrificed her life for me.She may be an ordinary woman to anyone else but to me, she is a superwoman. And I strongly believe, every mother in this world is a superwoman to her child.

As the eldest child in the family, I am very close to Mama. Though I have gone to a boarding school which means we live apart from one another,this relationship is still green.When I first went to the boarding school,I was so sad because I would not be able to see Mama everyday.I remembered the time I dedicated the song to her before I went to the boarding school.Each time I listened to the song,tears rolled down my cheeks.How much I missed her.

Mama and I have a lot in common.Most of her friends always say I look like Mama.Maybe that is the reason why I am so close to her.Sometimes,when I have nothing to do at school,I would remember the special moments with Mama.Without I noticing,my eyes are already glistening.
When I am at home,we usually cook dinner together .While cooking,I will tell her about my day and she will tell me about her day.If I have a happy day,she would be happy for me but if I have a bad day,she would be the one who motivated me.Every words that come out from her lips could cheer me up.They are just magic!Sometimes,I could see right through her eyes that she was very tired but still,she listened to every story that I told her patiently. I can hardly keep any secret from Mama.She knows every inch of me including about my friends and even the guy whom I admire. There was one time where both of my parents accompanied me for a date.It was true!I bet everyone would not believe me but that made my parents especially Mama so special to me.

I did remember the time when I was feeling so sad.I would sit in front of her and cried until I felt okay.She would be the one who gave me spirit and told me not to give up!Until now,when I feel so frustrated with everyone around me,I will go to her.I will call her just to cry.I know some people may think that I am only wasting my money but to me,Mama is one who understands me and I will only cry and tell my exact feelings to her.Every words that I type shows the tears that I cry for missing her so much.

Sometimes,we have a small fight especially when we shop.I usually picked a shirt which did not suit me well.Mama would disagree and chose a better one.In the end,I realised she knew what was the best for me.Better than I knew myself actually!So,everytime we go shopping together,I will always ask for her opinion and she will ask for mine to pick something that suits her.I feel appreciated as she believes in me. When I wish for a thing,I will tell her she looks so pretty and in a few minutes,I would get what I want.Mama can easily melt with sweet words but I do not take any advantage of her kindness.

Mama inspires me with her love and kindness.When I look at her,I promise to myself one day I will be a great mother to my chidren just like what she does to me.She is a strong-hearted woman who does not know the meaning of tired.She wakes up early to prepare breakfast for her husband and children just to make sure we do not starve at school.She works efficiently as a doctor at a government clinic.Before she closes her eyes to sleep,she will make sure our clothes are neatly folded.She is willing to sacrifice everything for her husband and childen.Luckily,my father does not burden her with the house chores.He always helps her to cook dinner.When I go home,I will also lend my hands to her.I do not want to see Mama tired doing all the house chores.

Thinking about my only Mama can make me laugh,cry and even smile at the same time.She is my best friend,my listener,my motivator and my one and only Mama.I hope this strong relationship will never end.Each time I do my prayer,I will pray for my parents especially for her everlasting happiness.

I am everything I am,
Because you loved me..