Thursday, March 11, 2010

SPM results & Party!

The day has come.
Congrats to all seniors who passed the SPM examination with flying colours! :)


The teachers were very busy today.No teacher entered our class;Cikgu Zakiah went to SASER,Cikgu Fabilah went to SAMURA,and other teachers were busy with SPM results.Yeay,party time! :D Haha.I was a bit tired today.. :( I did not have enough rest recently.Waaaaa,cpt2 la cuti!

At class,we settled all the homework given.Phew~Alhamdulillah,I've finished my physics exercise about Momentum.Thanks to Zhen Jie for helping me.He is really good in Physics.*Jeleshhh* ;( Then,I did the Biology homework.Byk ouh!

At 11,the teachers announced the SPM results.Woah!16 students got straight A's in all subjects. :D We were happy and proud of them. ;)
And I told myself "Though we are not in boarding school,No one can stop us to succeed in SPM"

I promise myself to study hard and work smart to achieve straight A's in SPM.


Cuma rasa sedih sikitlah bila cikgu complain 4SN1 macam2. :|
Memang 4SN1 agk bising dan ada yg tk sopan dgn cikgu tp cikgu seolah-olah melabelkan sume student 4SN1 mcm tu.
Kitaorg rasa kecil hati sgt2 tp tkpelah,anggap ni sebagai cabaran utk brjaya.
insyaAllah,kitaorg akn berubah menjadi lebih baik.

GO 4SN1!~