Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2008;can i say goodbye?

time pasts very fast.faster than i ever notice.but that is okay,i will be mature than teaches us to cry,to laugh,to understand. :) Allah gives us happiness and sadness;as His servants,we should not blame Him of what He have given to us.ourselves must be ready for everything.Allah tak akan membeban kan hambaNya dgn sesuatu yg tak mampu hambaNya hadapi.

2008;i cry a lot in this year.i have learnt to be stronger than before.gee~i am not a strong person who can accept the fate given. ;( but i learn to accept it bit by bit.i realise there is a good thing beneath the bad.Allah tu Maha Adil. :D

but i do laugh a lot;happy moments with my family and friends will forever be remembered. :D
i try to be a better daughter,sister and friend. :) though it is hard,but i have tried my best.and i am happy to see them happy.

it is time to say goodbye to 2008.mama says;ur honeymoon have over.its time to focus more.waduh waduh!haha.

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ARC said...

gudbye jadahnye...lom bln 12 lg...hahahha

tau pon kene konsentret..g repair english tuh..

Time have passed very quickly..bukan
Time pasts very quicklt..

'Past' tu adelah noun..bukan verb..