Monday, November 24, 2008


nothing much to say about Desaru.we were suprised!Desaru has changed a lot.i do remember the first time i went there.err..about 5 years was beautiful;and we had lots of fun there.we decided to go back after seeing the surrounding.*sigh*

what disappoints us is to see the is full of dirt and looks ugly.yeah,i can say that.a place for us to pray is dirty!pihak yg bertanggungjawab tolonglah baiki kawasan surau tu.itu fardhu Kifayah.but,i am happy to see Masjid Bandar is beautiful,clean and peaceful.sadly,i can't perform my solat there.but i am happy to see the surrounding. :D

whatever it is,we can spend our time together though we only sat in the car. ;( insyaAllah,we will go to a better reminds me of Penang. =P


N o d D y said...

temapt solat je ke yg kotor?

choda76 said...

haha. penang? t0l3~! penang besh x?