Tuesday, December 2, 2008

back to normal.

hahah.no more such tears.i'm big already,i must ready to face the truth in life.life is a bit cruel,but that teaches us to be independant.agree?

so,welcome the sweetest month in a year,December ;) why do i say that?well well,i can go shopping.NGEE~ya lah,nk beli brg skola,shopping ah tu kn?ekeke. ;D me and family will go to Nogori Sombilan for Raya Haji.then,my lil bro will have his exam(darjah khas) and we will go to KL pulak.haha.aku tk peduli,nk jln gak.BUHSAN gila dok umah. x(

have u listened to "Sekali Ini Saja" by Glenn Fredly?if u haven't,better listen to it.it touches my feeling.*nk jiwang sudeh* blh nangis ah bila dgr lagu ni.tk caya ke?.ekeke. xD

anyway,my sadness have gone away.i don't know where it has gone.Paris?America?nahhhh!i don't care. :) so,be happy guys!

its the start of something new,it feels so right to be here with u..

p/s-sapa tau mcm na nk kecik kan youtube?habaq kt cek.

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