Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Majlis Tilawah AlQuran;Kalimah Cinta Suci.

On 7th February 2009,we held the Majlis Tilawah AlQuran at the school's surau.everyone came to school with their Baju Melayu and Baju Raya*untuk promote baju masing2* HAHA.still,there were some of them wore PJK's shirt.nevermind. =P i took part in Syarahan Agama but i didn't win.i laughed while presenting my Syarahan. -____- tu laa,selalu sgt main2.

Honestly,i had fun!listening to Nasyid.well,Alif's group was the best! ;) keep it up boys.they have participated in this competition since last year.so mesti lah best kn?HEE~Kak Ain's speech was the best followed by Huzaifah's sister.she is only in form 1 but her voice can attract the juries.hee~unlike me,suara mcm makcik memberi nasihat dan teguran. =P Abdullah was talented in reciting the AlQuran.cairlah dgr dia ngaji. ;) Huzaifah has a great voice as his little sister.patutlah selalu menang!~ ;)

Hussein?HAHAa.girls' ever dream boy.Syaz went so excited when he smiled at her.well,Hussein memg peramah dgn sape2 pun. ;) he looked handsome on that day;with his Red Baju Melayu. :D kalau RMN pakai baju melayu mesti lebih handsome. =P

he's in form 1 tk silap.gosh~muda2 da masuk syarahan.
the girls' Nasyid Group.

harapan sekolah. :D

Hussein;tk clear sgt coz gamba zoom.

Alif;the vocalist.

Dollah. ;)
I bought a new novel;Kalimah Cinta Suci.i still haven't finished reading it.tkda masa sgt but i skipped some pages.amik isi2 penting je! =P HAHA.i love the character of Aisyah.she is a strong girl;walaupun ditinggalkan dia tak slhkan takdir malah dia lebih dkt dgn AlKhaliq. :D it is a good example for me.hee~cinta yg paling agung cinta kpd Yg Mencipta kita;cinta kpd insan membawa kekecewaan.i know,i have been to all this things for years.not to say i hate it but sometimes,rasa cm tk dihargai. :( i don't blame anyone for this.sendiri buat,sendiri tanggung. :)

i really shouldn't miss u,but i can't let u go.

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