Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2

Awwwww,so cute! :D
I love all of them especially Theodore.
Theodore,he's really childish.
He reminds me of Fahmi and my other Theodore. ;P

We watched it yesterday at the MBO cineplex.The movie was enjoyable.But I think the first movie was better.
Pity Dave,he could not take care of the Chipmunks as he was badly injured.Huuu~

Toby was not a good "father" at first but in the end,he was! ;)
I loved to see him confessing his love to the teacher-*forgot her name* .

My favourite part was when the Chipmunks met the Chippettes at school.How sweet! :)

In the cinema,I talked a lot with Nad. ;P Ahak.Memang bising!
The boys were quiet.They were really focus. ;)
kadang-kadang aje dgr suara diorang.


I was really exhausted yesterday. :(
But by spending time with my loved ones put the tiredness away.

Sadly,Iqa,Cin and Naza could not join us.
Kalau tk,mesti meriah!

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