Friday, January 15, 2010


3 things that I want right now:
1.Pizza Hut
2.Nestle Vanilla Ice-Cream
3.A teacher who can teach me EST. ;D

3 hopes:
1.I can understand add math and chemistry. = =
2.My friends will stay,but that's impossible!I will pray for ur success no matter where u are. :)
3.My loved ones are happy.

3 person that I want to meet right now:
1.Encik Ahmad Zaki,my ex-science teacher.
2.Fahmi,my cute cousin.
3.Cikgu Haidah. :)

3 things that I want to do:
1.Settling my homework.
2.Sleep,I am tired right now.
3.Smile! :D

3 things that I need right now:
1.570 calculator,tk beli2 lg ;P
2.Old Town white coffee.maless nk buat
3.Rest! :D

3 songs that I cureently listening to:
1.Smile,Uncle Kracker.
2.Never knew I needed,Neyo.
3.You got me,Colbie Callait.

3 words that I want to say:
3.YOU (family,friends,theodore)



ARC said...

hehhe usaha lebih boleh wany! join fan page abg heheh

mimi razaly said...

theodore? hihi.