Monday, December 19, 2011

Dearest bedsister and dorm mates!

I'm a big,big girl,
in a big,big world,
not a big,big thing if you leave me,
but I do,do feel,
that I do,do will,
miss you much.

I read my bed sister's blog just now.Yeah,I miss her badly.I really2 miss everyone in my dorm.

Aen,Thivya,Ieka,Zila,Wafiy and Kina.

And also my beloved juniors: Bixel,Nourlish,Oched,Osheen,Noulle,Doll-e,Juristz and Cziara.

Hopefully,we can gather back in a dorm..
talking,laughing and making jokes with each other.
Hugs and kisses to all my dorm mates and my little bed sister,Ily Farahiyah.

To juniors,take good care of urself! :) I will come and visit u often.insyaAllah. :)